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We have led the paradigm shift in South America through our stabled milking yards.

We are the main milk producer in Argentina


Our latest technology milking yards are located in the humid Pampa Argentina, where the food for cows (cereals, oilseeds and fodder) is produced very efficiently. In addition, climate and sanitary conditions are ideal for the comfort of cows, which improves productivity, breeding rates and milk quality.

We have:

2 stabled milking yards (free-stall).

7.000 milking cows.

An annual production of more than 95 million liters of high quality raw milk.

1.4 MW of electrical energy from the effluents.

Feeding process

The cows are fed according to an ideal nutritional balance composed of preserved grains and fodder, and are milked three times a day by using a rotating platform of 80 positions, which enables to milk, on average, more than 500 cows per hour.

To ensure the maximum comfort conditions, the sheds are equipped with:

1- Sand beds that are kept clean and dry.

2- Abundant available water.

3- Constant cleaning of the corridors where the cows circulate.

4- A Cooling system with fans and water sprinklers to reduce the heat in summer.

By being able to control the production variables, substantial improvements are achieved in the conversion of food into milk and productivity, superior to the traditional systems. Thus, in 2017 we reached an annual average of 36.7 liters per cow per day.


In line with our sustainability vision, this system allows us, through a biodigester and from the effluents of cows, to generate electricity that is injected into the network of the local rural area.

After treating and classifying them, we manage to provide the soil with organic matter and nutrients; as a consequence, we increase the production efficiency of both forages and grains.

Today we double our capacity, as we work on the genetic progress of the rodeo and new technologies applied to the nutrition, health and welfare of cows, among other topics.

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