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A sustainable and efficient production model that makes us the lowest cost producer of the region.

We are one of the most efficient grain producers of the region:

1- We produce in the best fields of South America (Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay).

2- We plant 185,000 hectares annually.

3- We produce 640,000 tons per year (wheat, soy, corn, sunflower, cotton and peanuts among others).

We leverage the natural advantages of the best agronomic zones by combining the most fertile soils with the best climates.

Sustainable and Efficient Model

1- Developing the fields up to their maximum productive capacity.

2- Producing each crop in its best agro-ecological location.

3- Enhancing natural advantages with good agricultural practices.

Geographical and crop diversification, together with the development of efficient scales, allow us to promote the implementation of sustainable technologies, while reducing climate risks.

Good Agricultural Practices

1- A crop rotation plan suitable for each region.

2- Package of balanced fertilization and integrated management of pests by crop.

3- Implementation of direct sowing (fields with +15 continuous years).

Direct Seeding

It is essential for our production model since:

1- Reduces the risks of erosion.

2- Increases the productive potential of our soils.

3- The crop wastes that remain covering the soil enable a better use of rainwater, while they increase the content of organic matter.

4- Generates a reduction of the use of inputs (fertilizers, fuels, pesticides) and, therefore, increases the yields sustained over time.

Storage, Logistics and Traceability

1- We control the quality of our products until the final delivery point.

2- We handle the logistics in an integral way (grains, rice and supplies).

3- We achieve the necessary traceability to reach the most demanding markets.

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