Help us to detect and prevent behaviours that defy the principles and values by which the Company is governed.

Adecoagro has communication channels for the sole purpose of complaints, about irregular events or circumstances which may be in defiance of the Company's Code of Ethics.

The only requirement is a detailed description of those events or circumstances which seem suspicious. One may also attach documents that evidence or back the descriptions of said events.

We guarantee a confidential analysis of each complaint received, undergoing a thorough process overseen by our Chief Ethics Officer.

To issue your complaint through this website, you can click here and fill the form.

Listed ahead are the several channels through which one can issue such complaints, according to your own trust and/or comfort:

1) Through an e-mail: /

2) Through our website:

3) Through a toll-free, 24/7 telephone number: 0800-444-0277

4) Through the following telephone numbers:

Argentina: 5411-4836-8680 (Chief Ethics Officer)

U.S.A.: 212-659-4970/Fax: 001-212-884-9547 (External Advisor)

5) Through mail, to either of the following addresses:


Chief Ethics Officer / Responsable de Ética / Director de Legales

Fondo de la Legua 936, B1640FWB

Martinez, Provincia de Buenos Aires



Holland & Knight

Senior Counsel

Holland & Knight LLP

31 West 52nd Street | New York, NY 10019

Phone 212.513.3463 | Fax 212.385.9010

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