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A fully integrated business that adds value from the seed to the retailer shelf.

We are one of the most important rice seed producers of the region.

In the best place of the world.

We grow our rice in northeastern region of Argentina in some of the best agronomic conditions of the world for the efficient production of rice under irrigation.

Seed production:

1- We are one of the main producers of seeds of the region.

2- We focus on productivity in the fields, industrial performance and culinary quality.

3- We have agreements with important international R&D organizations.

Field Production

1- 40,000 hectares planted and under irrigation.

2- Production of more than 240,000 tons per year.

3- Monitoring of leveling, irrigation and follow up of crops with high technology equipment.

Storage and Processing

1- We have 3 rice mills with dryers, strategically located in the region.

2- Processing capacity of 335,000 tons of paddy rice per year.

3- Elaboration for different international markets and for the domestic market.


1- We satisfy the demand of the domestic market at a national level through the leadership and history of our brands.

2- We are the first exporting company of rice of Argentina and one of the main exporters in South America.

3- We supply a product with the highest quality standards to the most demanding markets.

4- We are constantly developing export markets by focusing on the quality of our rice.

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